"The Beauty and The Beast" Table

The author: Vyacheslav Pakhomov

  • Material: beech wood, leather
  • Price: 620.000 ₽
  • Status: in stock and on order

This surprisingly beautiful writing desk is fully consistent with its name, "The Beauty and The Beast". These magical images are made in the form of golden bas-reliefs. Yes, some elements associated with the world's known fairy tale are visible even in the most intricate pattern. On one side we can see fabulous flowers, on the other one there are features of overseas monsters. The desk legs are also made in the shape of animal paws. Such a table, having appeared in a creative person's house, will tirelessly inspire him for new and unique creations. The desk is made of solid beech. Handwork includes marquetry technique. Genuine leather is used as a decor.


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