About us

We make life unique and really like it!

We glad to present you the work and creativity of our Workshop, which has been working and fulfilling orders since 1995.
Time goes on, technologies, materials, and people's attachments change, but the vital part of our work is still the desire to make things of the highest quality, from style and design to woodworking technologies.

Our masters are always improving their skills in carpentry art, drawing, painting, in the technique of woodcarving. At the same time, we mostly use the technology of the old masters. The outstanding skill of the cutter is manifested precisely in the purity of the cut and the accuracy of the line, and all the wood carving we produce is based on manual work.

Solid wood is a warm, natural material, unique due to its natural patterns and methinks. With a product made of wood, you can be sure that it is individual in its kind because there are no identical snowflakes, so there are no identical trees. The tree is not amenable to imitation, it is warm, alive and is sold with a lifetime warranty.

We create things, which will delight you and your loved ones for years!