Entrance and Interior Doors

  • Exclusive production from solid wood.
  • Valuable and exotic breeds.
  • A huge range of color schemes and variations of finishes.
  • Production of non-standard sizes.

Thinking About a Door Design?

To create a consistent look and feel, allowing for the operation of facilities, based on your tastes and desires, we will offer options and help you make the right choice.

Experts will consider the possible nuances associated with the installation of door technology and design features.


Exclusive Doors

Technologies and finishes:

  • potal
  • thread
  • painting
  • marquetry

  • krakolet
  • patinated
  • brushing
  • gold leaf plating

Originality and uniqueness

  • The elements of the thread are made of solid lime or beech, ash or oak, according to original patterns, using flat and sculptural graphics..
  • The art list is a set of styles and the technician. Always performed by a professional artist, by hand, with a brush..

It is possible to make paintings on the model of the customer.

Style and Originality, Luxury and Sophistication

Stucco and Gilding in The Interior
Carved Decor

  • Stucco molding is a decor that can still be seen in palaces and museums built many centuries ago.
  • Gilding with gold leaf and gold leaf. Gilding stucco, carved decoration, painting on gold.
  • Carved decor and carved components for furniture, stairs, doors and interiors in general.

Why Gypsum Stucco?

Gypsum provides exceptionally clear relief and a high degree of detail.

Without visible changes can last for at least 100 years...

Artistic Parquet

It requires a lot of art, painstaking, jewelery work and as a result
- you get a truly unique element of the interior under your feet.


Inlaid Art Parquet is a peculiar ornament of valuable and exotic woods, where, in addition to geometric patterns, more complex, curvilinear compositions arise. Otherwise, artistic parquet is called mosaic or palace parquet.

Natural wooden floor coverage has not only stylish and respectable appearance, but it also is environmentally clean.


In the manufacture of artistic parquet used such wood species as: oak, birch, ash, maple, varieties of mahogany, bog oak, cherry, American walnut, pear, zebrano, limewood, makora, polisander, etc.